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Friday, December 5, 2008
Reckless (The It Girl #3)-Cecily von Ziegesar @ 6:33 AM

Every girl dreams about it.
Some just have it.
How far will one girl go to become...
The It Girl?

Synopsis (from back of book):

When Jenny Humphrey arrived at Waverly Academy, the student body immediately started buzzing about her and her body. She quickly caught the eye of three of the hottest guys on campus, kissed two of them, and made one her boyfriend: the adorable Easy Walsh. Too bad Easy just happened to belong to somebody else-Jenny's roommate, Callie Vernon.

It didn't take long for powerful Tinsley Carmichael to tell Callie their sweet-faced new roommate was really a manipulative skank. So what if Tinsley herself stole a guy out from under their other roommate Brett Messerschmidt's perky little nose? Then Callie and Tinsley threw Jenny and Brett out of their ultra-exclusive club. And just like that, it was war.

Now the four roommates have been split up across enemy lines-Jenny and Callie are living together in Dumbarton 303, and Brett and Tinsley are seemingly miles away downstairs. What will happen when Easy sneaks in to see Jenny...but finds Callie instead? And what if Brett discovers one secret Tinsley's kept hidden for years?

Everyone at Waverly is watching and whispering. With girls this wild, anything can happen, but only one can be it.


Description in one word: Scandalous

When I started off reading the Gossip Girl books and found this series instead, I figured that it was going to be extremely dirty like the GG books. To my astonishment, it really wasn't at all what I thought it was going to be. It's a really interesting series, though at some parts it's not very realistic. When Jenny, Brett, Callie, or Tinsley were feeling sad, I felt sad for them, depending on if I was supporting what the character seemed to be doing in that chapter.

I read the first few Gossip Girl books, and I found them really dirty. Don't get me wrong, they're really good books, they're just really inappropriate for anybody under the age of 15. The idea of this book was similar, considering it is supposedly a 'sister series' to the GG books, but it didn't have to do so much with Jenny's parents as it did with Blair in the Gossip Girl books. These books are particularly interesting because they talk about what it's like for Jenny to try and fit in with a new crowd at her new school.

Reckless was the third book in The It Girl Series, and it had to do with Tinsley's schemes to humiliate her new enemies, Jenny and Brett.

Although I found this book quite predictable, I still recommend it to all of those Gossip Girl-lovers out there. :D